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It's never too early to think about your next holiday. Still, whenever you are going, you might have to spend long hours and even days coming to your destination. That is why it's essential to make it fun for you, and one of the best ways to do it would be the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator.
This almost forgotten series is back after 15 years, and it can be one of the first games with universal appeal for at least a single reason. The earlier version of this game was also impressive, letting you visit many countries, and thanks to mods, that number went even higher. But, what makes this new edition so unique is that it will cover the whole world! There will be 45.000 airports and over two million cities that you can fly over! The best thing about is that everything is accurate, meaning that every mountain, forest, sea, or human structure is where it supposed to be. This is done mainly to help you pilots learn visually where they are, but all of us will benefit from it. Now it's easier to understand why this game will have universal appeal. Everyone will have a chance to visit every corner in the world and even fly over their home! Those that were lucky enough to try it already are calling it better than any teen games, as they could see their streets, even if they are living in small towns. Microsoft uses Bing maps to accurately generate terrain while combining it with Microsoft Azure technology that helps create a three-dimensional representation of the world's features. Don't expect that every house is where it should have been, but everything will look more accurate than it was ever possible.
If you have any idea what Flight Simulator is, you probably know that former editions had so many commands that you would need to do it using a keyboard. This edition is coming to Xbox consoles so that you can play it easily, like milf games. That means that the gamepad is supported, and you will have visual aids of what to do at any moment. Microsoft Flight Simulator series was canceled because it was beloved only by flying enthusiasts, so for Microsoft, it's incredibly important to lower the barrier.
You can even start in the air - grab your Cessna or any other low-flying plane, and you will see incredibly detailed environments and learn about the part of the world you might visit. You can even easily simulate your real trip, as you would know what you can expect. It would be even fun to compare the gaming and the real experience and maybe later write about it! You can even simulate any weather conditions or use real-time world data! The only problem now is that Microsoft Flight Simulator won't be available before 2021, but if you get a chance to try a beta, don't miss it!