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Group traveling has become quite a common thing these days and a large number of travelers prefer it for many advantages that come along with this. But whenever travelers make up their mind for group tours, there are a few ideas which they should take into consideration for a smooth, effective and better expedition. They incorporate a lot of things, such as


A party will reunite your friends with whom you do not meet often. House party makes sense but ever thought of partying in a cruise with no distractions and a stunning scenario all around you? Cruise party in Goa will leave you taken aback by the enjoyment it offers along with peaceful sailing in the middle of the Arabian Sea.


Do you crave for going on a holiday or have to go for a business tour? Are you searching for comfortable and money-making air traveling options for this? If so, you would also wish for learning about relevant info on how to make arrangements for traveling, where to start from, which airline to choose, how to ensure a convenient and pocket-friendly journey and so



Switzerland is best explored by trains. Just recollect movies like Hero no 1, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Chandani or any bollywood film, you shall realise that they have shown Swiss trains and Swiss nature travelling through them. Yes, trains are 100% best way to explore Switzerland - thanks to their strong rail network spread in all corners of Switzerland, fr


Andaman is one of the top exotic destinations in India to visit every one want. Stunning beaches, coral reefs, water sports, and ferry rides are the highlight of our Andaman tour packages from Pune at life Holidays.

Feelings of honeymoon fill the mind and body with pleasant energy level of enjoying romance at Andaman ; while  you are deciding which is the honeymoon destinati

Mumbai is the commercial and financial capital of India. When you visit it for the first time the city can easily overwhelm you with it’s of myriad sights, a cacophony of sounds and its constant hustle and bustle. Many people say Mumbai is an Indian version of New York. Its India’s city that never sleeps! Something interesting is always up in some

Rings are not merely items of jewellery. They’re symbols of love and an eternal bond. A beautiful ring can be a fashion statement, a worthy accessory or an expression of eternal love and faith. Whether it is about popping the most important question of your life to your partner or about choosing the right accessory to go with your evening ensemble, the importance of a ring cannot be d


A Retreat to Incredibly Marvelous and Appealing Durban

Indeed, the gorgeous city of Durban boasts a unique brilliance and stateliness that simply has no comparison. Moreover, it is for the same that holidaymakers are not able to resist themselves from its temptation and feel affection for it. Extensive, tr


Soak yourself up with the charisma of this vibrant destination Goa

Goa is known for countless beaches, wildlife resorts, unrelenting festivals, alcohol, partying uncontrollably and non-stop fun. Exciting adventure sports, shady beach huts and plenty of nightclubs and pubs lure tourists to Goa’s beaches. Go