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Top Places to See in Kampala
The capital and the biggest conurbation of Uganda, Kampala has been divvied in five regions which keep an eye on local planning. The city enjoys tropical rainforest weather conditions but on account of its high altitudes, the average temperature here is rather colder as compared to what we generally find in areas having such weather. Moreover, there are two annual rainy seasons, of which the longer one occurs between August and December, whereas the shorter takes place between February and June. But the latter one observes considerably heavier rain in all the months and of these, April usually experiences the heaviest rainwater. Below is the list of several of the beguiling and celebrated tourist attractions in the city:

Gadaffi Mosque
This offers the finest and most picturesque vista of the entire city when viewed from its minaret’s top. What is more, it is a marvelous edifice in itself and visitors are given permission of traveling around as well as click photographs. It’s the biggest mosque of the city whose construction was carried out by Colonel Gadaffi.

Ba’hai Temple
It’s unique and one and only in Africa, which makes it a top and must explore place on your vacation in this city. This is positioned fairly faraway outside the town and is alive with Kampala’s most excellent green space featuring vast grounds. Holidaymakers who are not much religious can opt for Ba’hai Temple as an idyllic site for picnics and wonderful area for enjoying relaxing weekends.
Namirembe Cathedral
This is also ranked amongst splendid and magnificent marvels of Kampala and its chief appeal is that the cathedral offers a breathtaking panorama of the whole city. In addition, it’s one of the prettiest Christian cathedrals here as well.
Craft Markets
Although the country of Uganda isn’t quite acclaimed in the continent for craft with much being imported from adjacent regions, it has even so several fine objects that are made locally. Moreover, regardless of whether you seek to beautify your home, purchase plenty of similar, however, genuine and superb gifts on Christmas, want to get sundry keepsakes as a recollection of your outing in the city, craft markets can prove to be a nice place where you will find something to suit your interest.
The biggest one is located at Buganda Road and remains opened each day of the week. Don’t forget to enjoy bargaining prior to purchasing. “Friday craft market” or Jukali handicraft village has turned out to be a more inexpensive and greater option that is active daily; however, as its nickname suggests, gets lively completely each Friday. This craft market showcases an impressive collection of jewelry, works of art, stone and wooden figurines etc.