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Discover the Spark of Abu Dhabi!

Abu Dhabi is a city of myriads facets which add to its charisma and zest, making it more interesting for keen backpackers and excursionists alike. The riveting urban boasts such a magical pull and temptation that is hard to illustrate in black and white and words fall short if we come to depict it. In fact, its astonishing verve can merely be felt after taking a tour to it and witnessing each and every characteristic yourself. Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second largest country in United Arab Emirates in term of population. It is located on T shaped island jutting into the Arab Gulf from western coast. Been a capital city it houses important federal government offices, Abu Dhabi Emiri Family and President of UAE lives here. It’s rapid growth and urbanization joined with relative high income of the population has made the Abu Dhabi the larger and most advanced Metropolis. Today the city is the centre of the all major activities includes like major cultural and commercial activities. It is one of the world’s largest producers of oil.

A place for one and all

Beyond doubt, Abu Dhabi offers something to all its vacationers who hail from distinct corners of the world to sop up its zing and revel in vibrant magnetisms it offers! No matter whether an up to dateway of life and modern edifices appeal to you or history is your cup of tea and wish to immerse in its magnificent antiquity, it will appease your cravings! Abu Dhabi is replete with scores of charismatic lures that stun holidaymakers from top to bottom!

Get to know this spectacular Arabian jewel

It has not been much time when the city was just a tiny fishing village. Nevertheless, at the present time, Abu Dhabi is singled out amongst the topmost vacation spots of the globe, providing a number of touristic magnets together with an enthralling fusion of native cultures and modernism. A remarkable outing in this fabulous urban not only rewards you swanky and upscale hotels but something above and beyond, i.e., an Arabian escapade full of beguiling past and spellbinding traditions.

Modern sensations…

The tremendous city is awash with lots of luxury and extravaganthotels together with glitzy and chic shopping malls featuring sundry best and world-recognized brands from across the sphere. Moreover, Emirates Palace has been ranked among the planet’s most showy and flashy hotels, whereas when moving towards Corniche, holidaymakers would get to discover a fascinating range of European cafés together with an authentic flavor of cosmopolitanism. In plenty of ways, Abu Dhabi is really an avant-garde, cutting edge and intercontinental urban continually advancing and progressing.

Forward-thinking yet sticking to its old-world roots

Undoubtedly, Abu Dhabi is a state-of-the-art and contemporary city; however, it is creditable on its part that in spite of growing by leaps and bounds, it has not lost its ancient cultural legacy which is a great character in itself. Trippers can still catch a glimpse of many striking historic marvels speckled all through the city in view of the fact that inhabitants here even now admire and keep up with theconventional Islamic lifestyle. From this perspective, a worth mentioning wonder is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which has acquired much appreciation and fame for being counted amongst the globe’s prettiest mosques on account of splendid white exterior accompanied by incredibly elaborate interior.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

One of the most famous landmarks is the sheikh Zayed Mosque. This is in fact the most important building in UAE society and one of the most extravagant in the world. Its design and construction generally unites the world using artist and materials from many countries like Germany, India, Italy, turkey, China, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Greece. More than 3000 workers from 38 contracting companies took part in the construction of this Mosque. Natural material were chosen so that it can last long like marble ,stone and it also included precious item like gold, semi-precious stone , crystals and ceramics . 41 000 people can gather at one time under one roof.

Ferrari world Abu Dhabi

It is the fast and furious game for all ages at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. The world First Ferrari theme park and is the largest attraction of its types. The parks tell the story of Ferrari with compassion and excitement with the help of 20 exhilarating and educational rides and interacting shopping. There are lot of attractions which include Formula Rossa which is the world fastest roller coaster, reaching to the speed of 240 kmph; Galleria Ferrari is the world largest Ferrari Gallery outside Maranello with an interactive display of car from 1947 to till date in form of Multimedia.

Tel Moreeb the world tallest sand dune

Considered by many as the world tallest sand dune which is 300 meters high and 50 degree incline to the top makes it most haunted place for motor sports. Every year Liwa International Festival is organized for sport lovers to take part in race over these sand dunes which are supposed to world largest dune. People from every corner of world come to take part in this race and to show their might that they are the fastest rider of the vehicle in the sand.

Airlines that fly to Abu Dhabi

Jet Airways, Air India, Etihad Airways, Air India Express, Oman Air, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, EgyptAir, SriLankan Airlines , Turkish Airlines, Kuwait Airways , Gulf Air, Saudia, Flynas , Malaysia Airlines, Air Seychelles and PIA are all popular airlines that fly to Abu Dhabi.

Best times to visit Abu Dhabi

The peak time to visit Abu Dhabi is from September to October. The spring and fall shoulder seasons yield enjoyable weather, convenient crowds and cheap hotel rates. If you want to visit in winter season then from December through March are best months for visiting. So this is Abu Dhabi's best season with business travelers capturing all the city's cabs and tourists converge to the beach.
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